In early 2019 Club Members unanimously voted to purchase a ladder for the club’s Ribcraft paid for by club funds. The main aim of the ladder was to ensure diving from the Rib was more accessible for everyone and provide a safer (socially distanced) method of retrieving divers from the water. The usual method of hauling yourself up over the tubes requires a lot of upper body strength and many of us were increasingly requiring assistance from fellow divers to get back on board. Climbing up the ladder is so much more dignified than being manhandled like a beached whale !

Our Rib diving provides a very cost effective means of diving in the UK. A weekend trip can typically cost around £35 for a total of 4 dives, compared to hard boat costs of around £100 to £140. It also adds to the overall experience in allowing greater flexibility for club trips and gives members the opportunity to gain boat handling and seamanship skills.